The Answers to our most frequently asked questions to help make your special day easier.

Chapters on the Horizon? Never heard of you. Where are you located?

We are a NEW wedding venue in Southwest Wisconsin conveniently located between La Crosse and Madison or a short day trip for wedding parties near Milwaukee or the Twin Cities.

Do you have space for us to get ready for our wedding?

Yes! Whether or not you choose the accommodations across the street, we offer indoor space to prepare and get ready for your special day. There is a comfortable air lounge with sectional seating for use during the day leading up to your wedding.

Whoa, did you say accommodations?

Yes! There is a Victorian house and Barn house right across the way and a Honey-moon Suite up the hill! Check our lodging page for nearest hotels and local air bnbs.

What dates are available?

Thank you for asking! Please see our availability here.

What is your capacity?

Up to 400 of your favorite people.

Do you provide tables and chairs?

Yes, we provide tables and chairs for up to 400 guests! *400 black industrial farmhouse banquet chairs * 2 neutral upholstered chairs for couple * 40-72 Inch round dining tables * Multiple sized Buffet Tables * 3 cocktail height tables for cake/cupcakes

Can we have fireworks on the property?

Fireworks are permitted but must be approved in writing prior to your event. Large Firework shows can last a max of 10 minutes and as closest to dusk as possible to keep the neighborhood happy :)

Do we have to utilize your caterers?

At present, we do not have a list you are required to choose from; you are welcome to hire the caterer of your choice. However, based on past experience, we think you should consider the ones we have listed here. You also have the option to self-cater.

Does Chapters handle the catering orders, or do I work with the caterer directly?

It is most efficient and the most cost effective for couples to work directly with their caterer.

Do you have Ice available?

Yes- you may purchase ice for $5 a bag- if you are needing a large amount for self catering we will need a 48 hour notice so we can make the extra ice.

Do you have equipment like speakers, microphones ect?

Yes- We have INSIDE blue tooth speakers with microphones

Do you have electrical outlets outside?

We have limited electrical at ceremony spots - we advise to have your officiant or DJ to have a generator.

Planning Questions

What is the Rental fee and what does it include?

Please see the details found here for complete pricing and included items.

Are there any hidden costs or fees?

Our intention is to be transparent with our pricing and expectations. Our pricing is inclusive of several amenities and upgrade pricing is clear and optional. Mandatory taxes are already calculated into the final cost.

I want to save money. Can you tell me your daily rates?

Chapters on the horizon is designed to be a retreat and destination for your special event. We do not schedule more than one wedding each weekend and we want you to relax and enjoy this special time. As such, our pricing is based on a weekend, and includes access to the property Friday noon for your ceremony rehearsal, all day Saturday and Sunday morning for clean-up.

We plan to have our ceremony offsite, or only plan to have our ceremony at Chapters. Does your fee change?

Because we only host one event per weekend, our fee structure remains the same whether you hold your ceremony, reception, or both onsite.

Do I need to schedule a tour or can I just stop by?

All tours are by appointment only. Please request a tour here.

How do I reserve a date?

To reserve your wedding date, send an email to and let us know you are ready to book date, if it’s still available. We suggest including a backup date in case your preferred date is unavailable. Prior to booking a date, we hope you are able to come out in person to visit the venue. You can request a tour on our tour request page, but an in person tour is not required prior to booking a date. Dates are reserved on a first requested basis. Whomever has requested to start the contract process from us by email first for a specific date will be first in line.

How far in advance should we reserve our date?

Chapters on the horizon events are booked according to availability, but keep in mind, many weddings are booked 12-16 months in advance.

My preferred dates are unavailable. Do you have a cancellation waiting list?

We do not keep a cancellation waiting list because cancellations are unpredictable. As soon as a date does become available, we post it here.

Is there a deposit? When are the additional payments due? Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. You place a deposit after signing the contract in order to reserve your wedding date. The total deposit is half the venue rental fee. You are welcome to send smaller, partial payments of any amount prior to the specified due date, so in effect creating your own payment plan on your own schedule. Full payment is due two weeks prior to your event.

What form of payment does chapters accept?

Our preferred form of payment is cash or check. Let us know if you’d like to make arrangements to pay by credit card as a 4% processing fee will be applied.

Will there be another wedding the same day?

Nope; we only host one wedding per weekend to ensure that each couple’s event is special and receives our full attention.

Do you have staff on-site the day of our wedding? What services do they provide?

Our venue coordinator works with you via email, phone or meetings in the months leading up to your wedding to ensure the venue space meets your needs on your wedding day. They will review your site plan and timeline and are present on your wedding day to provide access to your vendors (caterer/DJ/band) at the appropriate times. On the day of your wedding, our team will be on-site but may not be visible, as they will be moving about the property, doing a number of things in preparation. This includes , moving tables, chairs and other inventory, making sure restrooms are stocked, etc. They will be available to your vendors to answer questions and resolve any issues regarding the venue (e.g., air/heat, restrooms, lighting, electrical, etc.) but will be a limited resource for guests. Our team does not coordinate or implement your wedding day timeline and does not take the place of a wedding planner or coordinator.

Do I need to hire a professional Event Planner or day-of Coordinator?

NO but so that your weekend executes as you planned, you need a designated person who is responsible for managing your entire day. We strongly encourage you to work with a professional Event Planner or Coordinator. This person facilitates your day and is not a guest of your wedding. They are responsible for supervision, communication and coordination of your wedding. We can put you in touch with several excellent businesses that provide these services. Some are full-service and some offer basic single-day packages. Also, check with your caterer. Some offer a day-of point person as part of their service or for a small fee.

Can we take Engagement pictures on property?

YES! We highly recommed that you do so that you and your photopgraher are familiar with the grounds and the many beautiful backdrops we offer! Your photo shoot needs to be scheduled. Your photos session can be scheduled for a Monday through Thursday.

Do you offer Rectangle tables instead of Round?

We have three kinds of rectangular tables available, and like the rounds, are including in our pricing. We have several banquet tables that can be used for your head table, sweetheart table, or gift table. While the majority of your guests will be seated at round tables, you can mix some rectangle tables in for reception seating. We have 40 -72 inch round tables, 6- 30 by 60 rectangle tables, 6- 30 by 72 rectangle tables, 7- 30 by 96 rectangle tables and three 30 inch cocktail tables for cupcakes/deserts.

Do you provide table linens, cups, silverware, etc?

We do rent linens at an extra cost for 2021 events. 2022 Events and beyond- linens are included in the venue rental fee. We DO NOT offer cups, silverware, etc for dining. Definitely check with your caterer and if they don’t have these items, you can rent from a party supply company.

What size should the table linens be?

We have a variety of tables sizes, and shapes so the size of your linens will depend on the tables you choose. Please reference our inventory when discussing this with our venue coordinator.

Is it possible to seat 9 to a table?

We recommend you seat 8 – 10 to each table for the comfort of your guests. While touring we have a table set up for you to view.

Do you require we get liability insurance to cover our event?

Yes, but you would want to purchase the insurance even if we didn’t. Anything is possible and the cost for event insurance is minimal compared to the coverage that it offers. To protect yourself financially from mishaps that may occur. Some policies offer additional coverage unique to your type of event. We can help you get started with this inexpensive peace of mind. We recommend Wedsafe, approximate cost is $175.

What time will I have access to the venue to decorate?

Rental starts on Friday noon. Please plan accordingly! You do have the option of renting out Thusday for an additional $1000 or adding more time at an hourly rate of $100.

Are outside snacks and trays permitted?

Outside food is permitted prior to the ceremony. It is not allowed after the start of the event.

Do you have on-site parking?

Yes, we have on-site LIGHTED parking! We have a gravel driveway and gravel parking areas. We also have 5 handicap stalls located closest to venue entrance. No Parking is allowed around the building- we dont want to obstuct the amazing views or the sunset! We also have Ceremony Parking down by the pond- your guest can park down by the pond, then drive up and park behind the budiling for the reception.

How many cars will your parking lot accommodate?

Comfortably 200 on the gravel but we have overflow parking for up to 100 in the driveway.

Who sets-up and breaks-down the tables and chairs?

If you are using our tables, chairs or other items, we will deliver them in the area you designate on your site plan. The tables and chairs will be set-up. After your wedding, there’s no need for you to break down the tables or chairs! Please leave the tables and chairs for us to put away. We break them down on Sunday and ensure they are ready for our next event.

How will the tables, chairs, etc. be arranged for my sized event?

You tell us! We ask that you submit a site plan 30 days prior to your wedding so we can assist with placement.

What time does the sound need to be turned off?

Amplified sound must be turned off no later than 2:15 A.M

What time does my wedding need to end?

Last Call is at 2:15 am all guest must evacuate venue by 2:30am or designated time you request.

Can vehicles be left overnight?

Safety is priority #1. Your guests can leave a vehicle overnight which must be picked up by Sunday at noon.

Who is in charge of Clean up?

This can be complicated so read it twice. If it’s in the contract with your vendors (be sure to ask), they are responsible for cleaning up for their specific services. If clean-up is not included in your contracts, you are responsible for all clean-up (excluding tables and chairs), clearing the tables at evening’s end, collecting your linens, taking down all decor and other such items, picking-up remaining trash and taking trash bags to the dumpsters, sweeping, etc., and left in a condition that you would expect if yours was the next wedding. If you choose the optional clean-up service, we will take care of cleaning up after your wedding. No matter which package you choose, we will put the tables and chairs away.

Is smoking allowed in the facility?

We are a non-smoking venue but we do have a designated area located outside the facility. We just ask that everyone be respectful and dispose of cigarette/cigar butts in receptacles provided.

Do you provide Decorations?

Our goal is to collect popular items most needed and create a “Something Borrowed Closet.” We are beginning to stock our closet with those items. Please check back with us as it gets closer to your date to see what all we have in our inventory.

Can we take photos around the property on our Wedding day?

Absolutely, we’ve created beautiful landscapes and backdrops for your wedding or engagement photos! However, in the event of bad weather some areas may not be accessible. If this happens, we will guide you in areas that are best for your perfect photo shoot.

Can we hang decorations on the walls or hang things, like streamers, greenery or lanterns?

All decorations must be approved by Chapters on the Horizon. All decorations must be removed without causing any damage to the venue (no nails, staples, glue, etc. are allowed.)

Is the location accessible for buses?

Chapters has a spacious driveway that can accommodate buses and provides a place for buses to turn around.

May I include my dog in my ceremony?

Well-behaved, escorted dogs belonging to the bridal couple are allowed in the venue during the ceremony but must remain on leash at all times. For the comfort of your pet and other guests, you will need to make arrangements for your dog to be escorted off the premises following the ceremony. If you plan to include your pet in the ceremony, please discuss this with our venue coordinator.

How do I arrange for champagne, mimosas, beer, and other beverages prior to the ceremony or reception?

With advanced notice, we can arrange for a variety of beverages for the Bride’s party and /or Groom’s party to be served at a time that you choose. Popular choices include mimosas, champagne, White Claw, and beer. Other options are also available. Please remind your bridesmaids and groomsmen that no outside alcohol can be brought into the venue or onto the grounds. Doing so violates our liquior permit and may result in the loss of some or all of your damage deposit.

Is there an outdoor area where a caterer may Grill?

We have several spots that a grill may be setup by a caterer. Please have the caterer contact our venue coordinator to discuss the best location for your event.

What is included in the catering prep space?

Counters and a sink are included in the catering prep space. Caterers are welcome to bring a grill for use in a designated outside area. We also supply a commercial refrigerator. There is a limited number of electric circuits for warmers and crock pots.

May I use candles?

Candles must be contained or enclosed in glass. The flame must not reach higher than two inches below the top of the glass.

May bands or DJ's use artificial smoke devices or any type of pyrotechnics?

Bands are not allowed to use artificial smoke devices or any type of pyrotechnics inside of the venue. Use of any kind of artificial smoke will set off our smoke alarms and disrupt your event.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel for any reason, any payments up to the date of cancellation are non-refundable. If we are able to rebook the day, then a partial refund will be considered, but it is not guaranteed. No refund will be considered without your proactive notification of the cancellation ahead of payment due dates. A notification of cancellation must be received in writing by email or letter. Based on VENUE availability, we offer the option to reschedule an Event to a new date that is within one-year of the Cancellation Date, and apply all previously received payments towards the rescheduled Event. The request for the rescheduled Event date must be received no later than 30 days following receipt of the CLIENT’s cancellation notice.

Is there a food and beverage or guest count minimum?

We do not have any food, beverage or guest count minimum. We know weddings can be expensive and we don't want you to have to worry about minimums that can add to your overall budget.

What happens in case of rain?

Unlike many other venues, Chapters offers an alternative "Plan B" in case of inclement weather. We can set up indoors with our beautiful archway as a backdrop for your ceremony. Depending upon the number of guests, there might be a brief timeframe where chairs and tables need to be moved and reset, chapters will provide a total flip for an additional $500 dollars or you and your guest can flip the venue at no extra cost.

We are using a rental company. Can they drop items off or pick them up outside of the rental period?

Yes, of course. We are happy to work with you and your vendors to coordinate drop-off and pick-up times. Please let us know if this is happening so that we can be aware of it and plan ahead.

How do I obtain a marriage license?

In the state of Wisconsin, you must apply for a marriage license at the county clerk’s office in the county one of the parties has resided in for at least 30 days prior to filling out an application (if you don’t live in Richland county). If you and/or your fiance reside in Richalnd county, then you can fill out an application and apply for a license at the Richland county county clerk’s office. For more information please see the county’s website here. Town ship is Forest

have other questions…

Please contact us! If you have other questions or ideas, let’s chat and figure out a way to make Chapters on the Horizon the perfect place for your wedding. Use this link to submit a general inquiry.

What is the average budget of a couple getting married at Chapters on the Horizon?

That is a great question! In general, we believe the average budget of a couple getting married at Chapters on the Horizon is between $15,000-$20,000 for all wedding expenses (venue, food, drinks, dress, DJ, photographer, etc.). We have had some creative couples with smaller guest lists host beautiful weddings in the $10,000 – $15,000 range, and we have had several lovely events here spending significantly more than the average.

Does Chapters on the Horizon make a commission for referring to caterers?

No. While we realize some venues charge a 10-15% commission, we choose NOT to make a commission because we want food options to be as elegant or affordable as your budget allows.

Do you provide table linens, cups, silverware, etc?

No. Chapters on the Horizon provides an awesome venue, tables, wedding chairs, something borrowed invetory and yard games for the allotted amount of time. Linens can be rented through us, but are NOT included in the 2021 rental fee. You are also welcome to bring your own linens.

What time do you suggest we start the ceremony?

We suggest starting Saturday weddings between 2:30- 4:30 pm. Please consider the time of the year for first look photos and the time the sun sets.

Do you allow overnight Camping?

Yes- Safety is our #1 Priority! No extra charge to tent camp. We do ask that all guest leave the area they tent the way they found it!

Is the Property & Disc Golf open to the public?

No- Chapters on the Horizon is not a public park but a private property to host private, intimate events. At no time is the public allowed on the property, beach, disc golf or allowed to fish in the pond.

Are you LGBTQ friendly?

Absolutely- Love is Love

Please contact us if you have other questions or ideas, let's chat and figure out a way to make Chapters on the Horizon the perfect place for your wedding. Use this link to submit a general inquiry.